Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Unto Jesus

"When you love Jesus, you give God  your heart- yep, that's just what you do" was the wisdom verbalized by my little 4-year old grandson to his Daddy and Mommy a few nights ago. Thank you, Landon, for giving your MaMa the thought for her first blog. Jeff and Amy gave me a new computer for Christmas . He  set me up to share some of my thoughts from time to time. I read his quite regularly and wonder at his way with words, a gift he says he has had since he was Landon's age or younger. But, I realize, in these last days we are in, soldiers need not compare nor compete (God forgive us!) but simply report for duty so here we go...

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Blog From Deborah Samples

From the son-in-law to those who will read hereafter:
Amy and I were discussing how blessed we have always been when her mama writes something to us. Many people look to her from time to time to receive spiritual nuggets. She would never say it for herself but many of us consider her to be a source of spiritual and relational treasure. Put simply: God has done some great work in and through her into many lives. Because Facebook has a maximum on the amount of words that can be posted, we decided to create her a place to blog. We hope that you'll be patient as she learns the in's and out's of blogging, knowing that once she gets rolling, this will be a good place for us all to stop by.  From this point forward, it's all from Deborah.

God bless,